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Mirov is an artist from Montreal, Canada, whose works are recognized by her signature style mixing collage and vibrant paint gradients.


Through her works, Mirov aims to push the medium of collage to unexpected directions, combining it with different materials, like spray paint & found objects, and experimenting with various surfaces, such as mirrors, plexiglass & in the form of wheatpastes on city walls.


Mirov’s works explore both digital and analogue collage techniques, as she likes to blur the lines between traditional art and technology. Each of her collages is the result of disparate elements cut from their original context, and then combined together in a new composition that tells a story or present a character.


Kicking off her career in 2018 with her first solo exhibition, Mirov has since been featured at galleries and festivals in Canada and the United States. Publicly and privately commissioned works include murals and large scale works for businesses, city boroughs and individuals.


Parallel to her collage practice, Mirov has recently founded the video game studio PARA with her life partner, artist Jest, and they are now collaborating on their first commercial video game, Stalhart. This project follows Mirov’s aim to push her art in multiple ways: visually, narratively and technologically.

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